The Palin Place: Track Palin, Levi Johnston, Ex-Lax, and an ...

Jun 7, 2012 . At one point, when older players on Track Palin's hockey team put Ex-Lax in a younger player's cookie as a prank and were disciplined, Sarah .

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Make Life Hell For 7-11 Employees! - Things To Read

Take Ex-Lax and put it in the donuts, cookies, ice cream, coffee machine, cashier's soda, etc. Take one bite out of each of the cookies and donuts. Mix all of the .

Ex Lax Cookies - YouTube

Jun 24, 2010 . Ex Lax Cookies. Bluemoonusawme. Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe. Loading... 50 videos. Loading... Alert icon. You need Adobe Flash .

Becky Riiser pranks on professor with Ex-Lax-laced cookies ...

Apr 25, 2011 . Becky Riiser is one of those people who doesn't mind pulling off a stunt that a lot of us,...

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The Constipation of our Forebears: vintage Ex-Lax ad | The Bilerico ...

Apr 14, 2010 . Therefore I took it upon myself to break up several small squares of Ex-Lax into a portion of chocolate chip cookie dough large enough to make .


Prank wars exlax chocolate chip cookie - Nik and Dima show Part 2 ...

Oct 14, 2011 . Prank war exlax chocolate chip cookies Nik and Dima show part 1 10:24. Watch Later Prank war exlax chocolate chip cookies Nik and Dima .

Prank war exlax chocolate chip cookies Nik and Dima show part 1 ...

Oct 14, 2011 . Prank war exlax chocolate chip cookies Nik and Dima show part 1. nikanddimashow. Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe. 934 views. 0 likes, 2 .

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Similar to the ookie cookie. After chugging some ex-lax (or eating a chewable ex- lax tablet), a group of guys stand in an out-facing circle. A cookie (any variety) is .

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Stomach pain and throwing up after exlax - NetDoctor.co.uk

Sep 25, 2012 . I took exlax( Laxative Pills) 2 weeks ago and I start getting sick and puked.. . I was taking Exlax everyday for more than a month and finally my .

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Aug 28, 2012 . Send them some ex-lax laden chocolate cookies or muffins. Make sure they never find out who sent them or you could be charged with assault.


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Body Health Seperator Bowels Seperator Constipation Seperator Ex-Lax Senna ( 48 Tablets). Info: Your browser does not accept cookies. To put products into .

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