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Archived from groups: alt.video.satellite.mpeg-dvb (More info?) I just purchased a Coolsat 4000 Pro receiver and now I need to purchase an .

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Instructions For The Coolsat STB(Receiver)

Oct 9, 2009 . Programming the Coolsat for Dummies Page 1 of 20 Programming and setting up the Coolsat for Dummies By: Kuzco - version 1.0The .

Coolsat Receiver Testing Manual - Docstoc

Sep 16, 2010 . Coolsat Receiver Testing ManualFor 4000 Plus and Pro and 5000 Platinum Models with . Coolsat 4000 Pro . Coolsat Pro Loader Tool…

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Coolsat Files & Instructions - FTA Files Forums for all FTA Satellite ...

Coolsat Files & Instructions - This section is for Files and Instructions only. Please do . by FTA PRO . 8000 Loader help files . Coolsat 4000 Fix Dec.16.2009.


Coolsat 8100 help - Ricks Satellite Wildfeed and Backhaul Forum

Mar 12, 2012 . They both use the same loader program, which I have also, if anyone is . Sonicview 8000HD - Sonicview 4000 - Viewsat Pro - Coolsat 4000 .

Coolsat FTA File & FTA Codes, and FTA Bin Files. We have the ...

Coolsat fta files and fta keys. We have the latest Factory Files, Exclusive VIDEO TUTORIALS, Loaders, Files, . Coolsat 5000 Platinum; Coolsat 4000 Pro .

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How to Program a Coolsat 5000 Platinum | eHow.com

Plug the other side of the RS232 cable into the port on the rear of the receiver. Launch the "Coolsat Pro Loader v2.4" application from the "All Programs" folder. 4 .

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DTV frequency scan for OTA channels - Ricks Satellite Wildfeed and ...

Sep 3, 2012 . Sonicview 8000HD - Sonicview 4000 - Viewsat Pro - Coolsat 4000 . So into my files on 3 different computers I go looking for the loader .

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How to Upload From a Telstar 10 to a Coolsat 4000 Pro . The Pansat 6000 Loader program uploads the updated BIN files to the Pansat's operating system via .

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Open the GTRom Loader your going to use!! (For Pansat 3500). 4. . Coolsat 4000 Pro requires a RS232-Straight through Serial Cable! Coolsat 4000 Plus .


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